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About Elephant House

Elephant House was founded nearly 20 years ago in Bangkok by Cherie Aung-Khin through a love of fine antiques, both from her native Myanmar and from around the region. As the demand for high quality furniture continued to grow in Europe and America, the range was expanded to include beautiful artifacts and durable furniture made from traditional material; rattan, wood, bamboo and lacquer, all designed by Cherie herself.


Elephant House's products are distinguished by their adaptability. They blend perfectly into both Western and tropical settings, but always retain that traditional Asian "feel". In designing her range of goods, Cherie draws on her flair for the sophisticated Western appreciation of Eastern style and her love of Southeast Asian forms; perhaps surprisingly she has never received any formal training in design.

Within the creation of every exquisite item is a considerable investment of time and attention, as each piece is hand-made by skilled craftmen. This emphasis on human skill has created a distinct Elephant House style; aesthetic yet functional, defined yet not overstated and always well made.

Renowned worldwide as a purveyor of fine quality furniture and interior decoration, Elephant House enjoys a deserved reputation for maintaining standards of excellence in design and manufacture while capturing that certain elegance unique to the region.

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ELEPHANT HOUSE is a well-known rattan manufacturer and exporter in Thailand and Myanmar. We produce bamboo furniture, rattan furniture, rattan accessory, wood furniture, lacquerware, etc.